Editor’s Letter: The Architecture Issue

This month, for our annual architecture issue, we take a look at a variety of spaces, including a modern home in Rollingwood; a farmhouse in Enfield; a new boutique hostel in East Austin; a members-only social club, also in East Austin; and a modular home manufactured in town, ready to ship out to anywhere in the world.

In our cover story featuring the Rollingwood home designed by Alterstudio, architect Kevin Alter talked about the strength of contrast. “Contrast is a powerful tool we often employ in our work,” he said. “For example, juxtaposing something vast with something intimate invites an appreciation of the special qualities of each condition.”

Alter was talking about specific spaces and details in this home, but his notion about contrast resonated with me as I thought about my relationships to the places I’ve lived over the years.

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