Iceland in the Spotlight

Icelanders are basking in the joy of Will Ferrell’s new comedy ‘Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga’, which beautifully captures the spirit of this campy contest and Iceland’s curious passion for it. The Netflix film, which has been trending in Iceland for weeks, comes just in time to cheer up a nation that has been mourning their missed opportunity to shine in the real contest.

When Icelanders learned that the Eurovision Song Contest would not take place this year due to the coronavirus, they were crushed. Many thought, when the announcement was made back in March, that the pandemic had crossed the line. A handball player whose sport had been put on hold said the Eurovision cancellation was the worst thing to happen in years. A journalist proposed that Icelanders take a moment to collectively cry their eyes out in the shower. Of all the cancellations, this one hurt the most.

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