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UX research, writing, and design

We live in a sharing economy. Young people, in particular, are renting over buying. As suggested by a recent NPR article, “The Affluent Homeless: A Sleeping Pod, a Hired Desk and a Handful of Clothes,” this trend is due to not only economic necessity, but also a lifestyle choice. We designed a peer-to-peer rental platform to provide this growing population with access to the stuff that they would prefer to rent over buy.

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UX research, writing, and design

Austin ranks among the most dog-friendly cities in the United States. Yet, not everyone here who wants a dog is in the position to get one for any number of reasons, such as their busy travel schedule, the financial burden, and the long-term commitment. We did some research to come up with the concept and design for a dog-sharing app that connects busy dog owners with their dog-deprived neighbors.

U.S. Department of Education

UX research and design

Peer into a time capsule! The U.S. Department of Education website was created in 1992 and underwent an award-winning redesign in 1995. Since then, it appears to have received little attention. In addition to its obvious user interface deficiencies, the website is difficult to navigate. I analyzed the information architecture and came up with a more logical structure. I also improved the look and feel of the site, to make it more user friendly.

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UX research, writing, and design

My first thought after being tasked to come up with a travel app was, ‘What can I possibly create that doesn’t already exist?’ There is, after all, no shortage of websites and apps devoted to travel. I turned to user research. Through in-depth interviews with avid travelers, I discovered that people enjoy exchanging travel recommendations with their friends and other like-minded people, but there is no easy way to do it. Enter my travel app.


UX research and design

Youth2Seniors engages kids in arts and crafts alongside seniors at assisted living homes. When I called the Youth2Seniors founder and told her that we had been assigned to redesign the website of a local nonprofit, she asked: “Did you find a list of nonprofit websites and pick mine because it was the worst-looking one?” She was not wrong. And, through research, we learned that it was more problematic than she perhaps realized.