What Brings Face Hunter To Town?

Yvan Rodic hasn’t been in the same place for more than two weeks in the last five years. He says he takes an average 170 flights per year. He’s like George Clooney in ‘Up In The Air,’ except he’s a tall, Swiss-born fashionista who travels the world doing something far more benign. The photographer better known as Face Hunter documents street style via his blog, which reportedly gets a million views per month. During his most recent four-day trip to Reykjavík, we met up at Boston for GusGus’s jam-packed album release party. We found a table in the far corner of their outdoor patio to sit down and catch up since our last rendezvous at Iceland Airwaves in November. He told me about his recent trip to Alaska and showed me some of his incredible photos from a remote island in Resurrection Bay. We talked about turbulence and the missing Malaysia Airlines flight, and at some point I turned on the recorder for a quick, impromptu interview in anticipation of our ‘Best of Reykjavík’ issue.

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